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This gallery was created to present our images as the work of two photographers sharing a deep relationship to nature, which has been an abundant source of inspiration and rejuvenation to us.

Most of us regard nature as an essential element of the human environment in many respects. Developing a strong personal bond to nature can play an important role in our lives. Also, many of us have learnt that photography can contribute to this relationship being an even more revealing experience.

Over the years, we have spent a lot of time visiting our favourite locations, repeatedly photographing specific themes, each time appreciating them better or differently. As our dialogue with nature continues to evolve, the images mirror this process with a variety of moods, colours, shapes and compositions.

From this perspective, the photographs featured here reflect most of all our pursuit to capture and preserve visions of the places and moments particularly appealing and meaningful to us. Finding connections between us and those places has always been a vital element behind our photography ... a need to achieve unity with what is being photographed.

Our landscape and still life photography aims to evoke those moments when perception is clearer and we can embark on experiencing the unique - be it harmony, magic, mystery, or beauty - all of which we can rarely feel amidst the demands of our daily lives in the city. As a homage to the places offering us this precious opportunity, we have arranged the landscapes from around the Great Lakes according to the lakes and parks of their origin.

Hopefully, through our photographs we can now share with you, at least to some extent, what we have felt and experienced while taking them.


:: Current exhibit by Lenka Holubec
at Circle Arts Gallery in Tobermory

Selected Works from
Blending Patterns
cycle Connecting with Stone

To view selected images, click here.

Selected limited edition prints from Lenka's photography based work are presently shown as a part of the Circle Arts gallery's exhibit
May 16 - Oct 12, 2009

Gallery contact information:
14 Bay St. S. Tobermory, On
Tel: 519-596-2541


While viewing the images, please take into consideration that these are low resolution digital scans, which may not accurately depict the sharpness or colour of the original prints. The images are not digitally enhanced or otherwise manipulated to preserve the authenticity of each photograph regarding the existing light conditions and colours.

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