This page contains pricing and ordering information for photographic prints. If you would like to obtain the rights to use any photographs featured on this website, or if you wish to look at different images from our Stock Portfolio, please email us your request or contact us by telephone at 416-762-9808 in Toronto (Canada).

Print Pricing

All images on this website are available for purchase as prints from colour negatives or slides, numbered and signed au verso by either Lenka Holubec or David Hrabal. Our prints are limited series prints, which adds greater value to your purchase. Please inquire with us if you wish your prints to be matted and framed.

The following table contains prices for all images, except those in Portfolios or marked with an asterisk (*). If you are interested in any of these images, contact us via email.

Print Only Prices (in Canadian dollars)

Prices include sales tax & shipping within Canada and the U.S.!

Print Size

Price ($Cdn) per print

1 Print

2-4 Prints

5+ Prints

8" x 12" (20 x 30 cm)




11" x 14" (28 x 35.5 cm)




12" x 18" (30 x 45.5 cm)




16" x 24" (40.5 x 61 cm)




(NOTE: Please inquire about the shipping charges for overseas orders via email. All shipping, unless agreed otherwise, is provided via registered/priority mail. Allow 3-4 weeks for the processing and delivery. Invoices and/or receipts will be included in the package.)

How to Order

We apologize that presently we do not support Internet direct sales. There are several ways how you can order our prints:

  • You can contact us directly via email. If you choose this option, you must provide all the required information.

  • If you prefer ordering by phone, you can call us directly at 416-762-9808. If you choose this option, you must provide all the required information.

(NOTE: For orders outside of North America, please inquire about the overseas shipping charges.)

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